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When you only have time for 100 words...

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A few rules. Links to claiming, prompts, and prompt tables are below.

1. Stick to what you've claimed. Don't step on anyone else's toes, please.
2. Write at least a drabble for your prompt.
3. You may use drabbles/ficlets that you have previously posted at TtH - up to 10 of them. But ONLY if they fit one of the prompts.
4. Please include what prompt and your claimed character/pairing/season you are using in your header when you post. If using a wildcard, please state WILDCARD and what prompt it would have been.
5. Put your drabbles/ficlet behind a cut, with only the header info showing on the general page view. Let's keep it nice looking.
6. All ratings allowed, make sure to rate accordingly.
7. When posting these at TtH you must put them ALL IN A SINGLE "STORY". I don't want 100 drabbles under anyone's name. One story. The only exception to this is if you are writing something that is more than 1500 words long. Then you may post it as its own story. No other exceptions.
8. You may claim up to TWO things... but make sure you can follow through with them!
9. You may claim a character, a pairing, a crossover pairing, a season of BtVS/AtS or a theme (aka "Wishverse").

Stake Your Claim - HERE
Prompts - HERE
Link your prompt table - HERE
Completed TTH100 tables - HERE